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By Laws

Azalea City Cruisers By-Laws


Article I


Name and Emblem: 

This organization shall be known as Azalea City Cruisers, Inc.

The emblem of the Azalea City Cruisers, Inc. shall be a custom lettering of the club name as shown below.  

Article II

Purpose: The Azalea City Cruisers, Inc. is organized as a non-profit organization, and shall be open to all regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin for the purpose of:

  1. Providing social and recreational activities for its members.
  2. Participation in supporting of civic activities for the betterment of the community.
  3. Promote vehicle care and safety.
  4. Organizing charitable events.
  5. The Azalea City Cruisers, Inc. is an active, family oriented, non-profit organization encouraging the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of the most popular and enduring activity to ever come out of America—The American Hot Rod.


Article III 


Membership shall consist of Charter, Regular, and Life membership in accordance with the guide lines set below. 

Charter Members:

Members who adopted the original by-laws of the Azalea City Cruisers, Inc. shall be known as charter members of the organization. 

Regular membership:

Applicants for membership must be at least sixteen (16) years of age and have a valid driver’s license.

Applications for membership shall be presented at a regular meeting. A vote will be taken after the application has been read. A simple majority of members present is all that is required for approval. Within (7) seven days of election, Secretary will notify them of results and supply them with a membership card, a copy of by-laws, and membership roster.

Life membership: 

Can be presented to any member that meets the following requirements; 

  1. Must be nominated by a club member in good standing at one meeting and voted on at the next meeting with approval of 100% of members present
  2. Must be a member in good standing and has been a member for ten (10) or more consecutive years.
  3. Must have served as club President for one (1) or more terms. 


Dues for this organization will be $25.00 per individual or family annually. (Family would be defined as immediate family under (18) eighteen years of age.) Dues shall become payable on January 1 each year. Any member who joins and pays their dues after July 1 will not have their dues become payable again until one (1) year from the following January. Life members shall be exempt from yearly dues. 


Any member whose dues are in arrears sixty (60) days will be automatically removed from the membership roster. Member shall be reinstated to enjoy full membership privileges only after full payment of all delinquent dues.

Any member may be permanently removed from membership for conduct unbecoming to the integrity of The Azalea City Cruisers, Inc., upon a signed written complaint being presented to the club president. The President shall appoint a committee of three (3) members to investigate the complaint. The investigation committee will present its findings and their recommendations at a regular scheduled meeting. Any action recommended by the investigation committee must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of members present. 


Membership cards shall be issued to each member each year.                                                                                          All personal expenses such as, but not limited to, uniforms, decals, insignias, etc. shall be incurred by the individual member and not to be arranged by any member of the Azalea City Cruisers, Inc... Exceptions may be made by the Board of Directors. All members shall as soon as possible notify the secretary regarding change of address and telephone numbers.  

Article IV 


Membership meetings of the Azalea City Cruisers, Inc. shall be held one (1) time per month, at a time and place as may be designated by the Board of Directors.                                                                                                                       Special /Emergency meetings for any purpose may be called by the President or by a special petition containing the signatures of five (5) club members. The President shall set the date, time, and place for the meeting. Notification of all members must be made seven (7) days in advance of a special meeting. Board of Directors meetings shall be held one (1) time a month, prior to membership meeting. The President shall set the date, time, and place for the meeting. Due diligence should be used to assure as much privacy as possible for all meetings. 

Article V 

Administration and Officers                     

The officers of the Azalea City Cruisers, Inc. shall consist of; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, and three Directors. They shall be known as the Board of Directors. It shall be their duty to draw up an agenda for all board and membership meetings and to approve any emergency expenditure in excess of one hundred dollars ($100.00) if there is not enough time for approval at a membership meeting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          No officer shall be added to the Azalea City Cruisers, Inc., except by vote of the majority of the membership present at a regular or special meeting. 

Article VI 

Duties and Powers of the Officers 


Shall preside over all the membership and special meetings and be present at all events, when possible. He/she shall be the executive Officer and shall have the duty to carry out the policies and decisions of the Board of Directors. He/she shall be without vote on the Board of Directors except in the event of a tie. He/she can sign checks. 

Vice President:

Shall, in the absence of the President, serve in that capacity. He/she shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.


Shall keep and preserve all records and minutes of all meetings. He/she shall assume the responsibilities of ledger roll call and determine the number of voting members present. He/she shall keep a file system of the membership and shall receive and answer all general correspondence pertaining to the organization. He/she can sign checks if either the President or Treasurer is unavailable. 


Shall keep accurate and complete records of all funds and accounts of this organization. He/she can sign checks and shall make only such disbursements from the funds of the organization as are directed by the Board of Directors and Article VIII hereof. 

Sergeant at Arms:

Shall preserve order and execute commands. He/she shall distribute and collect material at all meetings. 


Each director may be assigned one (1) or more committees and it shall be their duty to represent such committees on the Board of Directors. Further duties of the Board of Directors shall be to conduct the day to day business, and to take such action as might best fulfill the aims of the Azalea City Cruisers, Inc...  

Article VII 

Expenditures and Finance: 

All monies received from all sources shall immediately be turned over to the treasurer to be deposited in the checking account of the Azalea City Cruisers, Inc.

The President can approve emergency withdrawals of less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) per month without the approval of the Board of Directors.  Single expenditures in excess of one hundred dollars ($100.00) must have the approval of the majority of the voting members present at a schedule meeting. 

Treasurer may have a one hundred dollar ($100.00) petty cash fund.  All expenditures from the petty cash fund must be accompanied by a corresponding receipt.  An audit shall be taken of the Treasurer’s books by the directors prior to the beginning of each monthly meeting or as called for by a majority vote of members present.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for a written financial statement to be distributed to the Board of Directors at each club meeting. 

Article VIII 


The membership shall meet and elect officers and two (2) Directors for each calendar year at the December meeting. The third Director shall be the junior past President. The newly elected officers and Directors shall take office on January first.      Voting shall be done in person and not by proxy or mail. Candidates for office shall be members in good standing.                  Nominations shall begin at the November meeting and shall end at the December meeting. All nominations for Officers and Directors must be made from the floor. All persons nominated must be present, when nominated, and agree to serve if elected. No one person can be elected or appointed to more than one (1) elected position at a time. Nominations and balloting for each Officer and Director shall be in separate successive sequence and be held by individual ballot. Starting with President and ending with Directors.  All ballots shall be counted and verified by an election committee, appointed by the President, and compose of members other than those nominated. If there is only one nomination for a position the Secretary shall cast one (1) unanimous vote for the candidate. A majority of votes cast is necessary for election to an office. In the event of a vacancy of any Officer, the President shall appoint an interim successor, until the next scheduled membership meeting. At which time a new officer shall be elected.   

Article IX 


All events shall be subject to the approval of the majority of the voting membership present.  Events will be under the direction of the appointed event chairman.

All events must be conducted in an orderly manner and with safety as the prime factor.  Any event held on private property will be subject to written liability releases.

Any item transported by vehicle or carried on the person of any member or guest to any location or a club event shall likewise be transported or carried from the event.  It is the desire of this club to maintain the land which we use and to leave the earth unscathed by our presence.

No one under the age of sixteen (16) will be permitted to drive in any event.

All competitive events shall be under the direct authority, supervision, and control of the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors shall determine entrance classifications and regulations for various events and shall approve trophies and awards to be presented. 

Anyone determined to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication or other substance that impairs their ability to safely participate in the event shall be removed from that event.

Vehicles may be subject to inspection, varying to the type of event, and shall be disqualified if found to be mechanically unsafe.

All members and guests participating in an event shall abide by the motor vehicle code of the state concerned, and by the laws and regulations of the city, county or the circumstances involved.  The welfare and reception of the club depends upon the character it gains with the city, county, state, and federal authorities. 

Article X 


Unless otherwise specified in these By-Laws, Roberts Rules of Order Revised shall govern parliamentary procedure. 

Article XI 


An amendment to the By-Laws must be presented to the membership at the regular membership meeting, preceding that in which the vote is taken.  These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of members present at a regular membership meeting. 

Article XII 


This club can be disbanded and no longer exist only with a 100% vote of the existing membership.  It shall be the duty of its officers to present all its monies and properties to another non-profit organization or organizations. 

Article XIII 


The President shall appoint committees chairpersons as needed. Each committee chairperson shall select committee members. 


As voted on and adopted by a majority of members present at the regular meeting held on

April 10, 2018.